Thursday, January 19, 2012

CPA- the best side business online

CPA (Cost Per Action)

CPA is one of the most popular and the best online side business in the present days. The best part about CPA (Cost per Action) is that you don't have to sell any product. It’s much easier and also the payout is good.
So at first we have to know what is CPA?
Simply it’s like convincing your visitors to fulfill a certain action. It can be a survey, a trial or a lead etc. Most of them are just fulfilling a simple form with personal information like your Zip, country, state or other information that will anyone give and if they fulfill that form and submit that you can get payment!

Requirements of starting CPA
To start income from CPA you have to join any CPA networks like (Blam Ads, Stuck Ads etc). Most of the people face huge problems during joining the networks. An affiliate manager gets thousands of applications per day. So it’s tough to get response from them. So most of the networks say they give preference to the applicants who have a strong reference of anyone working with that network. So don't get upset because your friend will get some percentage for referring you, indirectly he is helping you!

Then you have to establish a website/ blog. That's the main part. If you can make the blog/ site more and more popular you will get more and more visitors. And the more visitors that you will get the more conversion you will get and the income will also rise like a skyscraper.

And after establishing a blog or website you just need to put the ad code in your website. The visitors will get the ads and if they fulfill any form or take a trial of any product you will get paid! 
Actually it’s not that easy as it seems to be! Getting visitors is not so easy. Webmasters spend 15 hours a day to get visitors. And all visitors are not going to give you profit. Only the targeted visitors will give you good conversion and good profit. So to start CPA marketing at first you need to get tons of visitors in your website.

Some Pros and Cons of CPA:

1. You don't need to sell any goods and most of the CPA offers are of free form fill ups so there is a huge chance to convert your visitors. 
2. If you consider the payout as per single action it may be less. but if you can hundreds of action fulfilled then it’s not very hard to make a good turnover weekly!
3. All of the free platforms like Blogger/ WordPress are also accepted in most of the well known networks. 
4. In most of the cases you have the total freedom of monetizing the ads. 
5. You can choose the offers or can select the CPA offers that will be visible to your visitors. 
6. Most of the offers are free. So getting some conversion is easy.

1. You really have to be lucky in case of joining in the CPA networks. Sometimes it’s really hard to find a single referral and in some cases you can't join without a referral. 
2. Most of the highly paid offers are valid for only USA and Canadian visitors. 
3. Most of the CPA networks don't accept all of the affiliates form all over the world. So if your country is not in their list then you will never become an affiliate. 
4. In some countries payment takes too much time. 

There are some really cool ways to utilize all of your visitors! We will gradually discuss them too. The best one of them is Content Locking!


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