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Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online. you can take this as your side business for making money online.

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PTC is an old and one of the easiest way of earning money online. Beginners should try it out!

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In this competitive world if you know some creative works you can earn a huge amount from freelancing. Beside your office job you can take it as your second office.

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you have to invest some money to start the business. this is like Forex trading/ currency trading.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What is SEO? on page SEO (part 1)

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It’s a process by which your site or blog can improve its Search engine position. In this Post we will discuss about what SEO is and what its importance is. 

After creating a blog or a site everyone become totally fed up of not getting any visitors. It’s a big problem. But have you ever thought that how the people will know about your site? How they can find your site? That’s the main reason most of the quality blogs or sites are still struggling in their business.

Nowadays Google is dominating the Search Engine industry. So our target should be to rank the site in Google for specific keywords. Before Starting, I have to say that Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and if you want to get the long term result you have to give enough time in this section. 

Before Starting a blog, the main thing that you should do is to research your keywords. That’s the main step but most of our SEO specialist forgets to do that and that’s the reason most of their clients fell in to hot water in the long run. For researching the keywords there are some tools like Google adword keyword research tool, Market samurai etc. But if you can understand the process then Googleadword keyword research tool is enough. 

We will discuss the process of Keyword research later. But I am just giving the basic ideas here. Sign in to Google adword keyword research tool. Then click the exact search and view all columns. And put the keyword that you want to work with. See the competition, CPC, amount of visitors then decide what to do. Without keyword research you can’t have success in the long run. But if you spend a few hours it can save a lot of effort and money. 

When you have completed your blog, you have to start optimizing its pages. That’s popularly known as on page Optimization. It’s a very important part. 

The on page SEO includes the title of your site, the title of your post, keyword density, keyword position, word count, content and HTML ration etc. You have to remember that if you want to rank your blog for any keyword you have to put that keyword in the site’s title and also in the post title. The main keyword has to be present in these titles. 

The Keyword density should not cross 4%. At least post 500+ words post per page. Your keywords should be put in the 1st line of the article and in the last Para too. At least target 1 main keyword and 2 substitute keywords per article. Please see the attached image; there I have marked the points. Take a deep look. Where I have put the keywords, where I have put the alternative keywords. It’s a 250 words article. In case of 500 words article you have to include another 2 Para. “Subtitle 3” and Conclusion. In the conclusion you can put your main keyword. Remember that you should use closely related auxiliary keywords in all the sub title sections. The main keyword should be present in the title and the conclusion.

on page seo
Article for Onpage Optimization

 Then complete the Meta tags. Now a day’s these are not very important but doing them is good. Meta tags include the Meta title tag, description, keywords etc. you can easily analyze the on page SEO from different online free sites like Ranking today. It’s not a very big deal.

After checking all of these on page factors you can start thinking for off page optimization.
Remember that SEO is a vast thing and you have to study a lot, read SEO forums, blogs articles to know the updates. The SEO strategies that are killing the search engine today may damage the website tomorrow. So you have to be very careful and follow some techniques of SEO from the basic to the professional. Stay tune for the 2nd part where we will discuss about the off page SEO.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to join BLAM Ads and EWA


Hello Every Body Nice to meet you again. I am little bit worried to see that people are getting crazy to join BLAM Ads and EWA. But as they are Private referral based network most of them can't join them due to not having the desired referral. So I decided to write the whole process and the way that I used to join them :)

BLAM Ads is one of the best CPA network in this industry and they are making people really rich. There are many people who have enough quality but don't have a referral. So for them I am writing this.
To Join BLAM Ads at first you have to create an account there giving all the real details. then your application will kept under moderation.
At this time the best way is to go to there Face book  Page. And tell people who are active members of that community to give you a referral. In most of the cases people get success by doing this.

If you fail to attract people there, then you can directly contact to this email address Ryan Eagle. Believe me or not this is the best person in this network.
you just have to mail him telling how much you are interested in BLAM Ads. and describe you experiences and other details. Don't forget to mention you email address that you have used to join BLAM ads.

I think you will definitely get a referral from Ryan.

EWA Network

You can use the same process in case of EWA network too. Remember that EWA has some face Face book pages so be careful. here is EWA network's Official Face book page

Enjoy your Online money making process with these giant Affiliate networks in this industry.